Interactivity Digital #SoCal!

Needless to say, I can’t wait!

If you are reading this and we met at the Interactivity Digital Conference in South Beach! *STOP READING* – If not pay close attention – if mind-blowing presentations from the industries foremost thought leaders in Digital Marketing and over-the-top events with moments that you will never forget is something that interest you? Check out this upcoming Interactivity Digital Conference. The one and only @GaryLHenderson (#Verified – he should be) is trying to one up his first conference in South Beach. When I first heard about this one day after Interactivity Digital South Beach, I did not think was possible. But, you can’t blame a guy for trying!


Need I say more? The location is the habitat of rock stars, like the list of guest speakers.


What’s the Best Part of an Interactivity Conference?

You mean besides the rad line-ups? Well, ID is not shy of a party and sure knows how to through one. Oh, I’m sorry I mean VIP Networking Events… South Beach featured a rooftop dinner and a yacht. Yes, a yacht. If you don’t believe me watch the video.

Outside the phenomenal content Interactivity Digital Conferences are awesome because there are a smaller number of attendees. This gives you the opportunity to actually meet and get to know other people in the industry from around the world. ID Conferences are very social and networking comes naturally. You have the opportunity to meet really awesome people. I met a bunch of people in the industry whose articles I have read and that I follow. I also made some good friends that I still stay in touch with.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 9.06.17 PMScreen Shot 2013-09-11 at 8.33.26 PMFive Questions Answered By Gary Henderson:

If my banter has not persuaded you to check out Interactivity Digital, here’s what Gary has to say about it.

1. How did this all start?

“We wanted to put on an event that covered all aspects of digital marketing because we feel you can’t just focus on one tactic.  You have to work on your social, organic, paid, email, conversions, content marketing and so forth for it to all jive together.  You basically have to build an online brand to get the results you truly want.  It’s all about synchronized performance.”

2. What was the result of #ID2013

“People loved it.  We were quickly branded as a must attend event in the digital marketing space.”

3. What makes SoCal better than South Beach?

“It’s San Diego in December.  While most of the country is cold with snow San Diego will be a Sunny 72 degrees.  We also have some kick as speakers that weren’t in #SoBe like Barry Schwartz, Wil Reynolds, Joanna Lord and Ross Hudgens.”

4. Who are you excited to see present?

“I am a HUGE fan of Wil Reynolds.  All of our speakers are great but I feel Wil stole the show at Mozcon so I can’t wait to see him again.”

5. Are there any surprises to come? What’s going to be the best part?

“We have a few tricks up our sleeves.  I guess you will have to come to see them. :)”

Well, if you’re not excited about this conference by now I am enough for the both of us. If you’re interested in attending #IDSoCal check out the Interactivity Digital website to learn more. The early bird special ends Oct. 1st, so get your tickets now and I’ll see you at the Hard Rock in December!

By Nick Noble

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